We are all aware how aesthetically unpleasant our environments can be sometimes.  This is not good for man’s health.  The consciousness of this fact inclined us therefore to design a formula that kills or suspends unpleasant smells in our cars, toilet, bathes or even offices.  This is used along with cleaning detergent or even sprinkled on objects to give or environment a pleasant odour.

i.   SULPHONIC ACID: This is  a dark brown highly    viscous liquid.  It functions to neutralize the caustic soda solution and consequently create a room for perfume absorption.   

ii.  CAUSTIC SODA: It is also called sodium    hydroxide.  it exists as solid pearls.  It has a very high solubility in water, dissolving to give basic solution.  It functions to promote the absorption of perfume by the mixture since the perfume is of oil base.

iii.   FORMALIN: This is a harsh-smelling liquid.  It is the disinfectant in the formulation.  Germs, bacteria etc.  are eliminated by this chemical.  Formalin should be treated with care as it is very harmful to the skin.

iv.   COLORANT : This gives colour to the formulation.  It should be noted that just a small amount  of colorant is needed.   

 v.  PERFUME: Perfume aromatises the mix and confers pleasant smell on the product.  The type that appeals the manufacturer suffices for the product.

CHEMICALS                    MEASUREMENT
Caustic soda pearls   ——– 1 spoon
Soda Ash         —————- 3 spoons
Sulphonic acid   ————— ½ cup
Formalin    ———————  1 teaspoon
Water      ———————–   4 litres
Perfume        —————— to taste
Colorant    ——————— to taste

Wash and drain mixer.  Clean also your filter with soap and rid it of dirt.
Measure the specified quantity of water into the mixer and follow it with the specified caustic soda pearls.  Stir gradually to dissolve the pearls.  At this stage the solution is expected to generate some heat.  Then measure sulphonic acid into the mixer and increase your stirring rate.

Stir till it mixes completely with the caustic soda solution.  Now check the PH paper correct if necessary, to ensure the acid is neutralized.  The PH must lie between 7 and 8.
Then add formalin and colorant.  Stir well to mix properly and finally add your perfume which forms the base of this product.

Allow the solution to dissolve for 24hours then filter the solution and package immediately and cart for sales.

Cosmetics production business is one of the businesses that are very lucrative nowadays.  Think of how many cosmetics products that are consumed everyday.  If not for business purposes, you can as well learn how to make them for your personal use.