How To Create A PayPal Account That Sends And Receives Money In Nigeria

You Are About To Get The Step By Step Guide On How To Create A PayPal Account That Sends And Receives Money In Nigeria

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Welcome To The step by step video and eBook guide on How To Create a PayPal Account That Sends And Receives Money In Nigeria. 100% working 

For those of you leveraging the online platform, you and I know that PayPal has long ago placed a limit to Nigeria PayPal Account Users. you can only send, make payment with your PayPal Nigeria account but you can not receive payment, so today we are going to reveal to you how you can create a New PayPal account that will have all features of PayPal and best you can send and receive money all over the world

The days, years that Nigeria PayPal Users, can only make a payment, buy goods and pay for services with our Nigeria PayPal account, but can’t receive money with the same account is over with this report

Not being able to receive money with PayPal account is already a bad news to most of us internet marketers, freelancers, bloggers, who’s interest is not just to spend money online but to make money online

So today How To Create a PayPal Account That Sends And Receives Money In Nigeria. The guide is set to put

And Moreover, If you are online and do perform transactions online, you are gonna need a PayPal Account that sends and receives money, not just an account to sends money alone.

If you are in Nigeria and you want to receive money from PayPal in Nigeria, you will see that you can’t do that but hey, I have a solution to the Nigeria PayPal limitation.

I will be revealing to you the same method I used in creating my own PayPal account and that of my clients PayPal account that sends and receives money here in Nigeria, which has been working for years and still working even in 2021, and will always work

All you have to do is watch the video guide or read the eBook report and follow the instructions on it and you will finally own a PayPal account that can send and receive money here in Nigeria.


First Understanding What Paypal Is All About!!

Simply put, “PayPal is a service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments. Register your credit card or debit card with your PayPal account.

You can receive money from any part of the world with your PayPal account or pay for services and products online by simply choosing PayPal at checkout, logging into your PayPal account, and confirming your payment. PayPal Is Owned By eBay

Two Types Of PayPal Account

So far so good, there are two types of PayPal Account. Namely

1.Personal Account

2.Business Account

Your choice of creating any of the above account types depends on what you are using the account for. for example! If you are an individual and you want to open a PayPal account for personal use only, Then the best option for you is going for the Personal Account.

The same applies to a businessman that wants to start receiving payment using PayPal either by integrating it on a website or using other means will choose Business Account type when creating PayPal Account.

So once you have made up your mind on the type of PayPal account you should open, next is taking action by creating a PayPal Account That Sends And Receives Money In Nigeria using our guide

First, know that PayPal account creation is very simple. Just watch this video Below

And best Follow the steps below

1. Go to Or open PayPal App

2. Click on the Sign-Up button

3.Enter your first and last name

4.Enter your email address

5.Create and confirm your password

6. Click on Next button

7.Enter your house address

8.Enter Postal code and City and Province/Region

9.Enter your date of birth and phone number

10. Accept User Agreement and Privacy Policy

11. Click on Agree and Create Account button

Now you have successfully created your PayPal Account In Nigeria but there is a problem, you remember those PayPal Nigeria limitations right.

You can not receive money with this Nigeria PayPal account. But you can use said account to buy and make payment for goods and services online

You can as well create your own PayPal account that sends and receives money here in Nigeria from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is purchase the full detailed and comprehensive step by step video guide and eBook report