How to receive online payments

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Since 2015 How to receive payments online has been a controversial question nowadays whereby bloggers and other online workers are not aware of how they can receive their payments online.

Some of the top how to receive payments in online Nigeria are via:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Local Currency
  • Bank Transfer
  • Local Currency
  • Crypto – Bitcoin, Mith, and etc.
  • Perfect Money and, etc.

If you will start your blog today or affiliate marketing and are in need of a PayPal account to receive your paymentsyou will learn for free today, How to receive payments online.

Why have I decided to give it out for free? To aid you to cut costs and make money online fast.

I even went on to give free guides some days ago on Nairaland.

The essence of all this is to help you make money fast because there are thousands of products to promote and make money.

The point is, when you see how much and the number of Indian, UK, and American bloggers make monthly then you will make every effort to help your Nigerian folk to survive.

How to receive online payments

I paid for a business PayPal account from a Nigerian but I had to give it out to help folks. 

So, there is room for everyone to succeed, and if you are eying making money with AdSense, then the room is big enough to contain millions of site owners in Nigeria – just imagine India with a billion population.

Just before we see how to start blogging, let’s see the types of blogs in Nigeria and how much they can earn you.

Top 7 Types of Blogs and Examples in Nigeria

Some of the top blog types in Nigeria are:

The Most Lucrative Types of Blogs in Nigeria

Even if a lot of people do not know cause I haven’t seen such an authority blog in Nigeria, the most lucrative types of blogs are Finance, Travel, Real Estate, Jobs and Education, Health, and Finance.

However, the most lucrative amongst them is a Finance niche blog.

Want proof? No worries. Let’s see what a Finance Blog makes using advertisements from AdSense alone.

How to receive online payments

Here is the breakdown of the most lucrative type of Blog niche in Nigeria.

  • Traffic – 50,000
  • Region – Africa
  • Earnings: the potential annual revenue is $10,000 – N3,200,000+.

The most attractive part is if you can bring in 50k visits in 1 week then your $10,000 earning is sure.

Wait. There is one other niche I think I haven’t seen many blogs, and that is the gaming niche.

So the question is, can I start a niche blog on gaming and make money? The answer is yes. How do I know this? See below.

Are Gaming Blogs Profitable?

I will show you what you will get from AdSense adverts, but first, know that you can make money by promoting gaming products on Jumia or Amazon.

Here is how much you can make from AdSense with a Gaming niche blog in Nigeria.

How to receive online payments

The endpoint is, with traffic of 50,000 a day, week, month, or year you can make relatively $2,310 – about N500,000+.

Disclosure: The above is an estimate as given by Google AdSense and should be only used as a reference. Also, kindly note that this article contains affiliate links to the relevant products &services I use and recommend which using them are at no additional cost to you, instead, you get premium discounts. Learn more.

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