Gender Issues in Alkali the Virtuous Woman and Akachi Trafficked


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This research work is on gender issues in Alkali’s The Virtuous Woman and Akachi’s Trafficked.   No doubt, the two novels addresses the ills problems of gender issues which are the crucial factors affecting the female folks in the society today. These genders issues are reflected in the female characters under these plays as portrayed by the authors. One can see that, Alkali and Akachi uses their novels as a critical standard for judging woman’s creativity and the theory of feminism which takes into account why women should be given equal right and recognition both in political and social organizations.

In addition, these writers write to portray the significance of women for the men to see and to treat them with dignity for the betterment of the society. According to them, national strength lies in reconciliation and cooperation in both sexes. So by their togetherness, the socirty will set out on the journey to build a better nation. Alkachi for example asserts that every man and indeed every woman in the world must be educated. Equal treatment of persons in equal situations will contribute greatly to the eradication of injustice. An educated woman according to Alkali is “great investment to her children, husband and most especially to her nation”.


Gender Issues in Alkali the Virtuous Woman and Akachi Trafficked




1.1  Background to the Study

The contemporary female writers have made giant studies in an attempt to redefine and concentrate on the gender issues affecting the women in the society.

These female writers, Akachi Ezeigbo and Zaynab Alkali have the privileged of being members of the traditional society and he new society that emerge in the post-colonial period.

This therefore means that, Akadric and Alkali are among the female writers whose works of art see for the equality of men and women and how the women passes through various emotional trauma from their male counterpart in the patriarchal society.

For instance, Alkali’s The Virtuous Woman portrays issues lke cultural domination, humiliation and gender bias affecting the women in African communities dominated by Islamic doctrines in the northern part of Nigeria. Alkali recognizes the significant gender biase that exist in the culture and express them through the development of her female characters.

On the other hand, Ama Ata Aidow is one of the famous Africa female writers who also laments in her novels about the issues affecting the female folks in the society.

She further posited that;

Women writers write about the women

Because… according to her… when

We wake up in the morning and look in

The mirror, we see women. She went

Further to say, many women writers

Try to bring into focus how their femaleness

Femininity and personal experiences in their

Work of art …

So I am not exempted (45)

Based on Ama’s quote, Ogundipe – leslie moran and Emenyonu Ernest opined that African female writers are rarely discussed and seldom accorded space in cannon formation this maing much of the African literature appeared male-centered (26). In the same vein, literary scholars like Lindsay and Miescher posits that,

It is not surprising that

African writers have now

Begun to include the concepts

Of sex, gender and violence in gender

Studies in other in order to understand how they

Play out in gender relations (1)

Consequently this researcher works focuses on the gender issues in the writings of Akachi Ezeigbo’s Trafficked and Zaynab Alkali’s The virtuous woman.

Gender Issues in Alkali the Virtuous Woman and Akachi Trafficked

1.2  Statement of the Problem

Despite the disparity in the ideological standpoints of male and female writers.

Female writers still continue to write and produce good books for that portray the female gender in more positive and active roles.

For instance, female writer like Chimamanda Ngozi in her novel Purple Hibiscus portray the issues of gender crises and other issues affecting the socio-economic life of the society.

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